• Happiness is contagious, spread it!

  • There’s nothing to lose and lots to gain.

  • Life can be tough. So are you.

The winner bracelet is the inspiring and motivational expression of a confident, positive way of life. A way of life that starts with a simple, yet profound insight:

you’re a winner!

That’s right, you! You took the plunge with about 100 million similarly purposeful sperm-brothers and sisters and won the race to the egg, because you were faster, stronger and smarter. The rest is autobiography.

The Power of Thoughts
As a winner, the best of the best, you’re naturally equipped with everything you need to take your autobiography wherever you choose. What you think is what you get. So take control, tap into the staggering potential of your creativity to shape the world into one where you want to belong and develop your being.

More than a Bracelet
The winner bracelet is about reminding yourself and others that everything in life starts now, here and with you. It is about becoming aware that you yourself choose the perspective from which to view the world and live your life. Much more than a fashion accessory, the winner bracelet shows the world around you that you’ve taken happiness into your own hands. It is the affirmation of your unique gifts and talents, and encouragement to others to recognize, value and apply their own with confidence.

Wear the winner bracelet, gift it to your friends and family and above all, share the ideas and insights of the winner movement. A better, happier world is no utopia. It is very achievable and starts with winners like you.

Happiness is contagious – spread it!


Founded 2012

We donate 50% of our profits to selected welfare-projects making the world a better place.

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Winner Rules

  • Take your responsibility!
  • Stop making excuses!
  • Be magnanimous!
  • Trust and believe in you!
  • Do good, be good!
  • Be positive!
  • Think BIG!
  • Be different!
  • Do your own thinking!
  • Accept yourself and others!

And always remember you're a winner!

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