You Are

You are a special, unique individual, blessed with the gift of life. So special, there isn’t a second version of you anywhere in this world. Special, with your own thoughts, talents, wishes, blessings, dreams and desires. You are, and you are alive – here today. There’s only one of you, and that makes you irreplaceable.
Such extraordinary uniqueness deserves only the best: Be the best version of you!

Love and Respect

Life once flourished and prospered according to the universal laws, morals and principles of nature. But looking around today, it seems that we’ve forgotten them. In our lives, we’ve forgotten what is right and what is wrong. Natural faith and trust used to be our guide, yet many of us have become disconnected from the instinctive source of trust.
The most important task in this life, therefore, is to relearn, to find that trust and love and to make it our own; to start treating others as if you are them and they are you.
Society dictates that being vulnerable is the same thing as being weak, yet the opposite is true. Vulnerability is the natural state of being if we are to live happily and at peace in the world, and because it is a choice, it is precisely vulnerability that requires genuine strength and courage.
Stop, for a moment, judging others and you will realize that there is no difference between people in essence. For the essence in you is the essence in us all.

You Are Important to the World

Let’s go back to the top – why you’re important to the world. Everybody has a unique role in this universe and even though you might think you’re not important, you are. It’s not about your function in society or how much money you make. It’s simply about your life. The world starts with you because without you, the world would not be complete. You are the biggest influence on your world, yourself and subconsciously those around you.
Life is like a novel you narrate yourself. Your thoughts matter to the motif, your actions matter to the plot.

Take Control of your Mind

Most of the time, your mind talks to you. It chits and chats and rambles on and on and doesn’t know when or how to stop. It’s the nature of mind.
We adopt surrealistic thoughts and perspectives that become our reality. The world you live in is the world you see through your own eyes. But is that the whole and honest truth? Can you see the bare, naked truth of reality around you? Or do you listen only to what you want to hear, see only what you want to see? Maybe you believe only what you are told to believe?
If you are truly aware of yourself and the world around you, then you can change everything. Take control of your mind and you can create your reality and design your future.
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”There are difference states of awareness. We have a subconscious, a conscious, and a higher consciousness.
The first is what we act on most of the time without thinking. It’s a mixture of instinct and what we’ve learned from such a young age that it has become engrained in our lives and forever shapes our world and guides our actions. It is like a computer program made up of dogmatic if-then rules. If red, then beware, if thirsty, then drink… And it goes much deeper than that. It’s in the way you brush your teeth and the way you dry yourself after a shower. We see our parents drinking alcohol and laughing with other grownups; we associate alcohol with fun. Your subconscious is constantly telling you what to do – it controls you – and often that’s for the best, but sometimes for the worse.
Then there are moments when you realize that you are brushing your teeth in a certain way, you suddenly think about what you are doing. Focus for a moment on your breathing. Do it slowly and deliberately. Feel the difference? It’s this realization that makes it possible to live in the now, to take informed decisions, shape your life and rise above your struggles and inhibitions. This we call conscious living.
And then there’s your higher consciousness, the spiritual gate and connection to the universe. It is much like the subconscious in that it is innate, but you experience it through and by virtue of your conscious life.
Meditate on that. Higher consciousness is achieved when you’re at peace with your thoughts and emotions and it will give you purpose and direction.
Higher consciousness can be a little confrontational and daunting, but a life without higher consciousness is a life incomplete. For wholeness, we must embrace consciousness to control the subconscious and aspire to the higher consciousness that will serve as guide to a meaningful life.”

The Power of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts and belief systems create experience, your feelings and environment and, therefore, your life and reality.
The kind of energy that surrounds us every day is the energy that we ourselves put out there. ?Open your eyes and see all the wonders around you. Are you struggling to see the beauty? That’s OK, you can learn to see it. Like everything, it’s a choice. Most likely you’re focusing on the negative things in your life. Try to see things differently, adopt another perspective – it’s not as hard as you may think.
Search for and acknowledge the things that make your life positive. Start with life itself, the blessing of your existence, and you will find your bliss in time.
Be aware that when an idea pops up in your mind, it’s yours to discard or embrace. Discard the negative and embrace the positive to the best advantage of yourself and the world around you. You were born a creative being and once you start answering to your creative urges and instincts, you will come into your own.
Remember, living in anger makes us sick. So let go of anything and everything that doesn’t serve your physical and spiritual wellbeing. Focus instead on what makes you better, happy, whole. It’s a basic law of nature: you will become your thoughts!


Energy flows where attention goes!
It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? But what does it mean? It means that we give energy to everything we focus on. To our thoughts, feelings, things we hear and see, to people, the news and so on. And we don’t want bad or negative things to become stronger and more present in our lives, right? So we shouldn’t pay them any more attention than is required to turn them into positives. Wherever possible, we should pay them none at all!
Only dreams, wishes and plans that make your heart sing deserve the full grace of your attention. Eliminate all that doesn’t serve you and replace it with the unconditional love of a mother for her newborn, for abundance in all things good shall come as long as you live by your passion and your soul. Let life’s abundance become your passion and your love, for if you live to love, then you will love to live.

Take Your Responsibility

I had a classmate at school who always teased everybody, bullied on bad days and was generally up to no good. You probably did, too. And whenever the teacher called him to account for his behaviour, he’d cry, ”I didn’t do it!”
There’s nothing wrong with what that boy did and said at school. He was a kid and kids need to learn. It’s perfectly natural.
The sad thing is that many people never learned the most important thing there is to learn: to take responsibility. Sadder still, some never grasped an understanding of what responsibility really means. It means more than anything standing up for what you do, be it good or (mistaken) ill.
Responsibility is so important because it gives you the opportunity to grow, to raise your awareness and with it your game. If you want to live in a good, blossoming, happy and peaceful world, then taking your responsibility is the only way to go.

We Are Energy

Did you know that your brain has an electromagnetic field? And did you know that your heart generates an even stronger electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and can be easily measured in an electrocardiogram? Now since energies throughout the universe interact, the human heart influences all the other energy that’s out there. In the same vein, your thoughts and emotions affect your DNA structure and your smile affects the person at whom you direct it. The energy in each and every cell in your body radiates out into the world, be it positive or negative. Your task as master of your body and creator of your world, therefore, is to feed yourself with the positive so that that’s what you radiate.

Think Big

How can you make “big things” happen when you create only “small things” in your mind?
Here’s a secret: Imagination knows no bounds. Never set limits on your thoughts and dreams. Create in your mind exactly what you want, visualize it in as much fantastical detail as you possibly can. It’s how every manmade thing on this planet came to be. Remember, the idea of human flight was fantastical until not too long ago.
Although modesty is widely considered a virtue, too much modesty has never got anyone anywhere. So don’t be too modest. Think big!

Think and Talk About What You Love

Don’t busy your mind with things you don’t like: gloom, cynicism, anger, envy, jealousy, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, ego – it will sap your energy until all that’s left of you is bitter, resentful and spiritless flesh and bones. Fill you mind instead with joy, peace, love, understanding, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, faith – it will invigorate you and you will feel satisfied, whole and happy. When you feel good, when you achieve mastery of that higher consciousness, you will attract good.

Expect Miracles

Miracles happen everyday, but you have to let them in. If you believe in miracles, you’ll allow them to happen. Don’t forget that you and you alone create your reality, so expect the best in the most miraculous way!

Thoughts and Wishes Come True…
…so it’s very important to mind your thoughts and think carefully about what you wish for!

Treat Others as You Would Wish Them to Treat You

Without wishing to sound religious, this maxim is actually one of those universal laws of nature that has existed forever and ever. How could anyone live any other way? But lest we forget, we must remind ourselves of this basic ethical principle every day and apply it to everything we do. For there is but one essence and that’s the essence in you and the essence in me.

Show Respect to All Creatures on this Planet

Animals, trees, plants – we can’t live without them. They, on the other hand, can easily live without us. If ever we fall into the trap of running around with delusions of grandeur,
then this is a grounding thought. Our society often forgets about respect towards beings other than ourselves. As a magnanimous winner, you have a tolerant and respectful attitude towards all creatures great and small.

Be Grateful

The feeling of gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we know. Not only does it
feel great, it attracts positive thoughts, people and situations into your life, too.
There is greatness in gratitude, in the appreciation of all the things that the universe provides for you. Gratitude gives you unlimited access to all the possibility and opportunity in this world, and holds open the door to the highest level of life. Gratitude leads to great things!

Go for it! Run with it! Have fun!
I can do it, I am happy and powerful, I feel beautiful and there is nothing wrong with who I am. I know exactly who I am. And if I am capable, if I can feel this way, then so can you. I see your beauty and it’s time for you to see it, too.

Greets and love from one winner to the winner who’s reading this. Greets and love to you.

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