• Blessed are the happy-go-lucky.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We are all galactic voyagers, hurtling through the universe on this space ship we call Mother Earth. As her children, we depend on her in a way she doesn’t depend on us. She just is; we’re stuck with our space ship and cannot get off. We depend only on ourselves and each other to shape our existence and for that, we have our minds.

Each emotion we experience, each thought we entertain and action it may lead to, affects our very being. What we think and feel, what we put out there, is the ongoing creation of our self and our world. Not only ours, but the world of those around us, for our actions influence others, too. We owe it to ourselves, therefore, to tread lightly, wear kid gloves and choose carefully.

A positive frame of mind and outlook on life is such a choice. What will you decide? Do you let bad decisions and regrets define your routine? Or maybe a worthy objective in the future drives you on? But the past is the past and set in stone; it can be used at best for lessons learned but there’s nothing there that you can change. And however bright it may seem, the future holds no promises and certainly nothing we can posses. So, will you live today for today’s greater good and happiness?

The way you see yourself and the world is subjective to your thoughts. You decide what you see because you create your reality. It is a beautiful moment in life when you realize that you are essential to this world and that it is just as essential to take part in it if anything is to be at all meaningful.

Start by accepting who you truly are. It may take a little courage but there’s nothing to be afraid of and the prize is breathtaking. Simply strip away all criticism, all judgment and self-doubt, until all you are left with is you. The one and only, perfect you.

That’s right, acknowledge your uniqueness and step out. You have everything you need to take responsibility, to connect and to contribute, to wield your uniqueness and shape your life and the world in which you live. Nothing stands between you and the unlimited potential of creativity. Evolve, spread your wings and find your bliss.

You, yes you
You are a winner
The most magnificent of all
One that’s deep and beautiful
Lives a life for the eternal
You are a winner with flaws and all
You’ve won life’s biggest race after all
When you were just a little seed.

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Winner Rules

  • Take your responsibility!
  • Stop making excuses!
  • Be magnanimous!
  • Trust and believe in you!
  • Do good, be good!
  • Be positive!
  • Think BIG!
  • Be different!
  • Do your own thinking!
  • Accept yourself and others!

And always remember you're a winner!

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